Tuesday, August 27, 2013

SEX, DRUGS, AND TAXATION Trailer and Posters

Christoffer Boe's film documents the unlikely friendship between two of 1960s Denmark's most interesting men: Mogens Glistrup, a radical libertarian, and the hedonist capitalist Simon Spies. Their friendship, forged by being outsiders in a conformist country, took them through years of adulation and success, with slight detours into the welcoming arms of vilification and imprisonment. Boe's story about Spies and Glistrup covers just a few decades from 1965 to 1984. Here's the trailer (alas, no subtitles, but I think you'll get the general idea):

And I love these posters, with one for each character as well as the primary one:

The quotation from Simon Spies on this one reads: "I have no vices, only appetites."

And Mogens Glistrup's is, very loosely translated: "Tax evaders can be compared to railway saboteurs. They do a dangerous job but one that's good for the country."

A tidbit from programmer Steve Gravestock's programme note: Sex, Drugs & Taxation is one of the most daring movies to come out of Denmark since the Pusher trilogy — and it's certainly the only one you'll see this year where a man in a bathrobe chases off a full-grown gorilla by waving his penis at it.

SEX, DRUGS, AND TAXATION screening times:
  • Saturday September 7, Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, 9:30pm
  • Sunday September 8, Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, 7:45pm
  • Friday September 13, Scotiabank 2, 12:00pm

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