Wednesday, August 26, 2015

LACE CRATER First Look: Title Treatment and Stills

Lace Crater is one of Vanguard 2015's most mysterious titles. It's the debut feature by director Harrison Atkins and it's produced by celebrated indie director Joe Swanberg (Drinking Buddies, Happy Christmas). Poke around online for more info about the film and you'll find only the striking title treatment above and precious few stills.

We do know, however, from programmer Colin Geddes' programme note, that the film's plot has a seriously kinky hook: it's about the (bodily) horrific aftermath that a woman faces after a sexual encounter with a ghost.

Tuesday, Sept 15th, 9:30 PM SCOTIABANK 10
Tuesday, Sept 17th, 9:30 PM SCOTIABANK 14
Sunday, Sept 20th, 3:15 PM SCOTIABANK 9

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