Saturday, September 6, 2014

Vanguard Blog Mascot Contender #1: SPRING's Justin Benson

Okay gang, it's that time of year for us to announce our Vanguard Mascot! *blaring trumpets* *tossed confetti* And the blog readers rejoiced!

If you remember last year, we just decided to declare Director/Actor/Beer Brewer/All Around Great Guy Joe Swanberg as our "Unofficial" Mascot because this is the Vanguard Blog and we can do what we want. Swanberg was an obvious choice because he appeared in NOT ONE BUT TWO Vanguard films in 2013 (Proxy; The Sacrament). This year we've decided to make it official because, remember, we do what we want.

Unfortunately, our inaugural champ only appears in our collective hearts at the 2014 Festival, sigh. And with no films it means that-gasp-the title of Official Vanguard Mascot 2014 must fall to another. Sorry, Joe Swanberg. Um, maybe if you were part of a TIFF 2014 movie, this wouldn't be happening to you right now. Yeah. Exactly. (PS - we still love you and technically owe you an ice cream cone, eep.)

But wait! Instead of just declaring a new winner, we've decided to spice things up this year because why declare a winner when... YOU CAN HAVE A BATTLE. FOR GLORY! FOR HONOUR! Oh heck yes. So without further ado, we present to you the first contender for the title of Official Vanguard Mascot 2014.

Name: Justin Benson

Also known as: "That Resolution guy"

Description: Brownish area with points, tattoos

Strengths: Telepathy, conserving towels, wearing black turtlenecks

Weaknesses: Frozen lakes, recognizing English accents

Signature moves: Turning into a ghost

Finishing moves: Speaking Spanish

Why Justin Benson would make a good replacement Vanguard Blog mascot for Joe Swanberg:
Besides being able to high five while jogging along the Seine, Justin can also communicate with mermaids which would come in handy when watching genre movies.

Stay tuned for the second contender. We'll be dropping all contenders on an island and having them fight to the death. If you want to send something to a tribute, wait, wrong movie. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!


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