Wednesday, September 11, 2013


 A couple of years ago, a movie called Manborg was unleashed upon the world. At this year's Festival, another movie--this one called Borgman--will also be unleashed on the North American world through the Vanguard Programme.

Since you've all seen Manborg numerous times already (ahem!), I won't rehash the plot. But for those of you who haven't seen Borgman, you may be surprised by how much the two films have in common.

Manborg, as you know, is a funny, yet frequently grotesque movie about a cyborg who, along with the help of his friends, helps to take down the alien invasion of Count Draculon. Interesting then, that Variety describes Borgman as being both "whimsical" and "macabre." Crazy, right? 

After his rebirth as part man, part machine, Manborg discovers he has great powers, mostly thanks to the various types of weaponry that he has at his disposal and on his person. Borgman is a "creature of unusual, malevolent powers and uncanny abilities," says Indiewire. Seems that Manborg and Borgman have more in common than you thought! 

When we first see Manborg, he punches his way through a cardboard box. When he first encounters Number One Man, Justice, and Mina, however, his memories are hazy and he isn't even sure of his first name. He sure sounds an awful lot like the title character of Borgman, who Time Out calls an "enigmatic, tramp-like figure." 

Before I saw Manborg for the first time, I only knew that Manborg was well, a Manborg. Discovering everything that takes place in the movie was a cinematic joy. This is a lot like the Film School Rejects review of Borgman, which says that it's "absolutely a film best approached with only a cursory knowledge of its plot."

Although Manborg has plenty of gore, action, and tender moments, mostly it's just laugh-out-loud hilarious, which is exactly how Twitchfilm describes Borgman. Even more intriguing? After you see Manborg, you'll have a difficult time getting it out of your system and you'll probably want to watch it again. Possibly even immediately. That is an awful lot like the way AwardsDaily says that Borgman has "memorable moments that are ultimately hard to shake."

There's one big difference between Manborg and Borgman, however. Manborg has its own fan-created theme song, while Borgman does not (we don't think). That doesn't mean it doesn't deserve one.

BORGMAN Screening Times:
Wednesday, Sept 11th, 9:00 PM SCOTIABANK 1
Thursday, Sept 12th, 3:00 PM THE BLOOR HOT DOCS CINEMA

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