Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Director Alexey Fedorchenko's Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari, now playing as part of the Toronto International Film Festival's Vanguard Programme, has earned some delightfully positive reviews.

At the Toronto Standard, Alan Jones remarks that the film's theme argues "femininity is more than a target of objectification."

Dan Fainaru from Screen Daily shares a similar observation, noting that the women in the film seem to have been "chosen not for their beauty but for the lively energy emanating from their faces and body language."

"Fedorchenko adds a sense of magic and gentle humour to this cavalcade of idiosyncrasy," says Patrick Gamle at Cine-Vue, adding "the mood never fails to be anything less than cheerfully curious."

Jordan Mintzer at The Hollywood Reporter moves beyond the narrative and praises the film's "impressive technical package," singling out the "gorgeous landscape imagery by cinematographer Shandor Berkeshi" and Timofei Shestakov's "nuanced sound design."

Although the film could be seen as "little more than a series of disconnected vignettes, Film Wonk's Glenn B. "found it to be a master class in short-form storytelling." He feels that "in its treatment of fiction that the film absolutely shines." Finally, he says, "To put it simply, this film is exhilarating – and prone to moments of staggering poignancy."

See, delightfully positive, just like we told you! Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari is screening at this year's Festival and you'll miss out on all of its wondrous, magical qualities if you don't go see it. So go see it!

Wednesday, Sept 11th, 7:00 PM TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX 4
Thursday, Sept 12th, 9:15 PM TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX 2
Saturday, Sept 14th, 9:30 AM SCOTIABANK 8

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