Saturday, September 1, 2012

Navigating The Festival Village

Showing 300+ films to thousands of people in 10 days takes a lot of theaters covering a bunch of real estate. Thankfully the blog is here to help you figure out the various ways to navigate around it.

On foot: Most of the theaters are within a 20-30 minute walk of one another. This post has a matrix showing foot travel time and distance between each venue.

TTC: Instead of driving downtown consider parking at a TTC lot outside downtown and taking the subway.Click here for a list of TTC stations that offer parking. Parking at these stations is ~$5 a day and free on weekends. Taking the TTC anywhere is only $3 so find the metro stop closest to your venue.

Streetcars also service downtown. The main north south streetcar is on Spadina and it will come in handy considering there is construction on Spadina which plays havoc with vehicle traffic.

TTC subways and streetcars shutdown at 2:00 am. Remember that when making your plans for Midnight Madness.

BIXI: BIXI bike rental stations are all over the festival village. If you need to get from the Ryerson to Lightbox quickly you can scan your credit card at the automatic bike rack, ride the bike to the rental station closest to Lightbox, park the bike and be done with the entire transaction. Click here for their website which includes more detailed map, pricing, and rental instructions.

Cabs: Cabs have a minimum fare of $4.25 to start, with an additional $0.25 for every additional 0.143 km (about two blocks) or for every 29 seconds waiting/non-moving time. They’re all over the festival village and easy to hail (just stick out your hand!)

Drive: Make sure to avoid the construction on Spadina. There are several parking decks downtown with most charging ~$5 per hour. Click here for the Toronto Parking Authority website which shows locations and prices of lots in the area.

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