Sunday, September 13, 2015

VETERAN Premieres tonight!

They've come here to solve some entitled crime and kicks some ass. (They are not out of entitled crime, though)

Grab your bat and gas up your car, because Ryoo Seung-wan's latest film Veteran premieres at Vanguard tonight!

Will there be exciting action scenes? Yes! Will there be humor? Very likely! Will a tired police captain ask for maverick Detecive Do-cheol's badge? I would not be surprised!  Will a smug jerk get his rightful comeuppance? I have every reason to believe so!

Detective Do-cheol is coming for you, probable-jerk-who-is-very-dapper!

VETERAN screening times:
Sep. 13, Sunday, 9:00 pm, SCOTIABANK 4
Sep. 15, Tuesday, 4:00 pm, SCOTIABANK 13
Sep. 19, Saturday, 6:15 pm, SCOTIABANK 4

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