Saturday, September 5, 2015

ZOOM: First Look and Stills

Set in multiple countries, from the perspective of multiple characters, Zoom is a multi-dimensional story told in a multi-format film. That is a lot of “multis”!  

From Brazilian director, Pedro Morelli, and Canadian writer, Matt Hansen, Zoom promises to be a full-fledged mental onslaught! It follows the connected stories of a comic book artist telling a story about a filmmaker, a filmmaker telling a story about a novelist, and a novelist telling a story about a comic book artist. It’s going to be a spiraling ride of action, sex, and humor. 

Just check out the following still of the always delightful Allison Pill playing comic book artist, Emma, and the above glimpse of rotoscoped Gael Garcia Bernal as filmmaker, Edward, in the animated portion of the film! 

Zoom screens:
Tues, Sept 15, 10:15 PM SCOTIABANK
Wed, Sept 16, 9:45 PM SCOTIABANK


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