Saturday, September 15, 2012

ILL MANORS: Final Screening!

One more day! Say it with me: one more day! Hopefully you're spending the closing weekend of the Toronto International Film Festival cramming in all of those movies you didn't have a chance to see during the week. And hopefully you aren't like this author and completely bed-ridden from an evil, body-achy flu. TIFF might be over for her (uh, me? It's sort of weird writing about myself in the third person...) but for you, valiant Vanguarders, you still have a day and a half in which to see some amazing films. Do it for her--er, me.

So what you really should be doing is catching this last screening of iLL Manors. This intense, cutting, British crime drama, fueled with an award-nominated soundtrack by the director (Ben Drew recording as Plan B), is a must see.

ILL MANORSSat., Sept. 15th, 9:30 PM SCOTIABANK 4

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