Thursday, September 6, 2012

PUSHER: Charlie Derry Interviews Director Luis Prieto

Journalism grad and aspiring film journalist Charlie Derry interviewed Director Luis Prieto in May of this year about his English-language remake of 1996's Pusher, which will be playing at the Toronto International Film Festival. The interview was published in both Issu and Fan The Fire, but also appears on Derry's blog.

What's most revealing and perhaps, surprising, is that Prieto was initially hesitant about remaking the film since he'd seen the film at a festival in 1996 and loved it. Yet, the fact that Nicholas Winding Refn, who directed the original, was serving as Executive Producer helped, as did Refn's statement to him: "Remember, this is your film, not mine."

For his "reinterpretation," Prieto did not let any of the actors see the original first, with the exception of Zlatko Buric, who reprised his role as Milo.

To read the full interview, including Prieto's thoughts on the cast and his hopes for his filmmaking future, check out Charlie Derry's blog.

PUSHER Screening Times:
Sun., Sept. 9th, CINEPLEX YONGE & DUNDAS 10 12:00PM

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