Thursday, September 12, 2013

Composer Profile: Jonathan Keevil of WE GOTTA GET OUT OF THIS PLACE

If you were at this past weekend's Festival screenings of We Gotta Get Out of This Place, you probably noticed the striking score. Even if you weren't there, you probably noticed--because it's just that good. Jonathan Keevil, composer extraordinaire of Bellflower fame also worked on this spectacular film.

Name doesn't ring a bell? (Aha, pun TOTALLY intended.) Well, before we continue, we insist that you watch Bellflower. Immediately. Go on; we'll wait. Here's the trailer if you need any more convincing:

We're going to assume that it's a few hours later and your mind is expectedly blown wide open from the amazingness that is Bellflower. And how about that score, eh?

Jonathan Keevil (who we hear rumour is Canadian--only a "rumour" because sometimes the Internet can't be trusted but in this case we hope it's true) found his way to California after film school and joined up with the Coatwolf team just as they were getting ready to go in to production for Bellflower. He worked as a camera operator and editor; it was only by accident that director Evan Glodell discovered some samples of his music and deciding they were a perfect fit for the film, a composer was born.

And the townspeople rejoiced! Huzzah!

Keevil's score for We Gotta Get Out of This Place is just as fantastically eerie and is the perfect companion for the pulp fiction inspired story. And what else has Keevil been up to lately? Oh, just successfully crowd-funding the next Coatwolf production. It's a totally low-key, simple, no bells and whistles kind of story.

HA. AS F**KING IF. Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins is a full-frontal, balls to the wall, assault on the senses.There will be car chases! Explosions! Jumping off of things! Epic fight scenes! More explosions! DID WE MENTION EXPLOSIONS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! All of the important players are back: Jonathan Keevil (awesome director, writer, composer), Evan Glodell (fantabulastic producer, actor), Tyler Dawson (fantasmic actor), Joel Hodge (should-have-won-that-Spirit-Award cinematographer), and the Medusa (the most bar-ass car around). The story revolves around a turf-war and is a throwback to eighties action movies and fighting games.

The team only just went in to production this week, but we're hoping time goes by incredibly fast so we can see the finished result soon. Until then, enjoy Keevil's score in the gripping We Gotta Get Out of This Place.

  • Sunday, Sept 15th, 9:00 PM SCOTIABANK 10

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