Monday, September 9, 2013

PEOPLE IN PLACES Director Profile and Twitter Round-Up!

This past weekend was graced with two--yes two!--screenings of Juan Cavestany's People In Places (Gente en Sitos). To those of you who missed those two chances to see this delightful film (ahem, you better have a good excuse), we put together a little background on the director and some thoughts on the film from the Twitterverse to help entice you to catch the last screening.

Impressively, Cavestany wrote, directed, and shot People In Places. We can barely do two things at the same time, so colour us impressed. (Which is probably a lovely shade of aqua.) His other writing credits include Guerreros (which he co-wrote with director Daniel Calparsoro). The film centred on a group of Spanish army engineers during the Kosovo War. The tense war drama was screened at the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival. And then for something completely different, he wrote the screenplay for 2007's Blinkers, which focused on a soccer referee and some shady occurrences.

But he's not done yet: Cavestany also has three previous writer/director credits under his belt. 2004's El asombroso munro de Borjamari y Pocholo is a movie about two kids from the 80s who refuse to grow up and features a rocking' soundtrack of 80s Spanish pop hits. Four years later,  Cavestany was tackling the comedy genre with Gente de Mala Calidad, a film about veteran gigolo who comes home and attempts to win back his old sweetheart. And then Dispongo de barcos (2010) is described as a surreal drama/comedy as the four main characters wander a city in a daze trying to figure out who they are--to themselves and each other.

Whether it's a war drama or coming of age movie set to 80s songs, Cavestany has proven his talent with a unique voice and penchant for the bizarre and odd. His film at this year's Festival is no different. See what the word (pun totally intended) is on Twitter. (Note, some of these are in Spanish, but our trusty translator tells us they speak nothing but high praise.)

And now that we know you're totally dying to catch the last screening of People In Places, here is all the information you need:

PEOPLE IN PLACES Final Screening Time:

  • Friday, Sept 13th, 9:00 PM SCOTIABANK 4

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