Saturday, September 14, 2013

PROXY: Distribution News, Interview, Review

Kristina Klebe REALLY wants you to see Proxy.
Have you heard? (No, not about Hugo and Kim. That's another movie.) Proxy was picked up for distribution by IFC! Even if you already heard the news, we're just so excited we had to share it again. Yep, IFC Midnight is planning a theatrical and VOD day-and-date release for Zack Parker's disturbing and memorable movie. I can vouch for that because I saw it a few days ago and I'm still thinking about it.

Dread Central has an interview with actress Kristina Klebe, who plays Annika in the film. Says Klebe, "I owe so much to Zack Parker for hand-picking me to play this part and believing I could pull it off."

She also adds "As a filmmaker and director, I am inspired by his methodology and hope to learn much more from him. As an actor, I simply want to be in every single one of his films."

Fangoria posted a thoughtful review of the film, saying, "The film keeps the audience guessing, and even though each revelation is deftly supported by calculated clues, the suspense remains terrifically palpable throughout, with any kind of pat psychological précis avoided in favour of a deliberately sustained ambiguity."

PROXY Final Screening:
Saturday, Sept 14th, 8:00 PM SCOTIABANK 9

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