Thursday, September 12, 2013

Indiewire Interviews Bruce LaBruce: GERONTOPHILIA

 One of my favorite movie websites, Indiewire, has just posted a great interview with Bruce LaBruce on his new film Gerontophilia. If our Twitter round up and LaBruce profile didn't make you want to see the movie, you must read this interview.

Here's an excerpt from the interview:

As it starts screening, what’s your dream reaction? What do you want people to take from this that would make you the happiest?
Part of the point of making it for me was to work in a more mainstream form and still try to be a little subversive, for lack of a better word. Because the film is so gentle and kind of straightforward the message is less obvious than my other films. So I hope that it works out both ways. That it works as more mainstream entertainment but also has a slightly radical message.

Read the rest of the interview on Indiewire. Gerontophilia has one more showing at the Festival.

GERONTOPHILIA Final Screening!

Friday, Sept 13th, 12:15 PM SCOTIABANK 3

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