Saturday, September 6, 2014

Vanguard Blog Mascot Contender #2 Profile: SPRING's Aaron Moorhead

Our quest to spice things up and possibly alienate/terrify filmmakers continues! The battle for glory, honor, and the name of Official Vanguard Blog Mascot also continues! We've told you about Contender #1, Justin "That Resolution guy" Benson; now we present Contender #2!

Name: Aaron Scott Moorhead

Also known as: "That other Resolution guy"

Description: Reddish blond area with points, facial hair

Strengths: Cat-lifting, Ciaran Foy movies, catacomb exploration

Weaknesses: Vampires, winged horses

Signature move: Screaming in stairwells

Finishing move: Putting on and taking off sunglasses

Why Aaron Moorhead would make a good replacement Vanguard Blog mascot for Joe Swanberg: Aaron has the power to bypass the confines of time and space when toasting with a wineglass. Plus he went hunting with the King of England that one time.

Who will win? Stay tuned, faithful readers!

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