Sunday, September 14, 2014

Vanguard Program Final Screenings!

C'mon, Montse, I know you're tired honey, but there are still films to catch.

Maybe you're tired from watching movies the last 10 days, or maybe, like Shrew's Nest's Montse you've been making dresses all week and this is your first chance to get out and see a movie (and unlike Montse you are psychologically capable of leaving your apartment today). But there are still screenings of Shrew's Nest and Luna that you can make today. With clever planning you might even be able to make both! Shrew's Nest is almost a fairy tale in the Grimm tradition. Kind of like if the Brothers Grimm made Misery. Luna blends fantasy and naturalism in its exploration of grief.

This moth child is filled with clever plans.

SHREW'S NEST Final Screening:
Sunday, Sept 14th 6:30 PM TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX 2

LUNA Final Screening:
Sun., Sept 14th, 8:45 PM, SCOTIABANK 9

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