Monday, September 14, 2015


Hurry up, guys, Collective Invention plays tonight!

 Kwon Oh-Kwang's Collective Invention premieres tonight!

Is it mere coincidence that Evolution, a film about a mysterious island where young boys who swim a lot are subjected to experiments, premieres the very same evening that Collective Invention, a film about a young fish man who became a fish man after he participated in a series of clinical trials? We're not saying it isn't coincidence. We are just strongly implying something. We at Vanguard are trying to warn you without giving away our hand.

The truth is out there, Ju-jin.

We'll just note that Evolution was influenced by Chirico. And Collective Invention happens to be a reference to a work by Magritte.  And how does The Devil's Candy, a Midnight Madness film seemingly about an evil painting, fit in to all this? (And don't say, "It doesn't!")

Filled with secrets she can never share. Because, The Man.

We know you are curious about the life of a fish-person. We all are. Learn a little more about the life of a fish-person (and the terrible effects of our voracious curiosity in this digital) with Collective Invention tonight!

Mon. Sept. 14, 6:00 PM SCOTIABANK 1
Tue. Sept. 15, 11:45 AM BLOOR HOT DOCS
Sat. Sept. 19, 9:30 AM SCOTIABANK 3

EVOLUTION Screening Times:
Mon., Sept. 14, 9:30pm at RYERSON
Wed., Sept. 16, 4:30pm at BLOOR HOT DOCS CINEMA
Sun., Sept. 20,  8:30pm at TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX

And, at Midnight Madness, THE DEVIL'S CANDY Screening Times:
Sun, Sept 13, 11:59 PM RYERSON
Tue, Sept 15, 6:45 PM SCOTIABANK 9
Sat, Sept 19, 1:15 PM SCOTIABANK 14

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