Sunday, September 13, 2015


The girl in this photograph from February is just trying to serve birthday cake to her classmates.
At this year's Midnight Madness, Nick Simon's The Girl In The Photographs is screening. And at this year's Vanguard, Oz Perkins's February is also screening. How are these two films connected? Join us for The Case Of The Connected Movies!

February is written and directed by Oz Perkins. It tells the story of a creepy girls' school (not to be confused with Girlschool) and two girls who are "assailed by an evil, invisible power when they are stranded at the school over winter break."  It also stars Kiernan Shipka, Emma Roberts, and Lucy Boynton.

There are no girls in this photograph. Definitely a conspiracy.
The Girl In The Photographs is directed by Nick Simon, but what's this? Oz Perkins also shares a writing credit. And he's written and acted in other Nick Simon movies, notably Removal. Hrm. The plot thickens.

The Girl In The Photographs is also a movie about a girl, in this case, Colleen, "a bored young woman in a sleepy community" who "starts receiving photographs of brutally murdered young women." But there's more...

Mysteries Of The Unexplained!

Lucy Boynton plays a character named Rose, while in February, there's another character named Rose, played by Miranda Rae Mayo. Meanwhile, Nima Fakhara, who provided the score for The Girl in the Photographs, also provided the score for another movie written by Nick Simon, The Pyramid. And we all know who is responsible for the Pyramids, right?

Brian Ufberg is the editor on February and he also edited a film called Elvis Has Left The Building. You know who has a brother named Elvis? Director Oz Perkins.

Speaking of February, on the show Mad Men, Kiernan Shipka's character Sally Draper was the daughter of Betty Draper, portrayed by actress JANUARY Jones. Coincidence? Maybe.

At this point, there can be only one conclusion: it's all a conspiracy to try and get us to go see February and The Girl In The Photographs.

FEBRUARY Screening Times:
Mon. Sept 14, 6:45PM SCOTIABANK 9
Fri. Sept 18, 6:45PM BLOOR HOT DOCS

Mon, Sept 14, 11:59 PM RYERSON
Wed, Sept 16, 5:00 PM SCOTIABANK 1
Fri, Sept 18, 9:15 PM SCOTIABANK 3

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