Friday, September 11, 2015

FEBRUARY and Other Creepy Girls School Mysteries

Osgood Perkins' directorial debut follows two young prep school girls as they are haunted by an evil entity after being left stranded at their school over the winter break. An all-girl boarding school is the perfect set-up for a series of creepy and mysterious events, and below are a few standouts.

Dario Argento's film Suspiria (1977) is perhaps his most well-known film. When Suzy (Jessica Harper) transfers to a prestigious dance academy in Germany, several of her classmates at the academy are murdered in gruesome ways. The film is a must see for horror fans and a staple of the giallo genre. "The only thing more terrifying than the last 12 minutes of Suspiria are the first 92".

Picnic at Hanging Rock is a 1975 Australian mystery drama based on the novel by Joan Lindsay. After the mysterious disappearance of several school girls and their teacher during a class picnic to Hanging Rock in Victoria, several of the Hanging Rock locals grapple with the effects their disappearance has on the community. What is perhaps the most chilling part about Picnic at Hanging Rock is the ending that left several people disturbed when it first screened.

The Woods (2006), directed by Midnight Madness alum Lucky McKee (All Cheerleaders Die, 2013), centres on a rebellious teen who is sent to an all-girls boarding school in the New England woods which holds an ominous secret.

Further information about February can be found on the Festival website.

FEBRUARY screening times:
Saturday, Sept. 12th, 5:00 PM SCOTIABANK 1
Monday, Sept. 14th, 6:45 PM SCOTIABANK 9
Friday, Sept. 18th, 6:45 PM THE BLOOR HOT DOCS CINEMA

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