Friday, September 11, 2015

MY GREAT NIGHT Premieres Tonight!

"Did you hear, My Great Night plays tonight?" "Dammit, I won't have time to volumize my hair!"
 Get your sequined tux or gown out, volumize your hair and memorize all your cues 'cause My Great Night premieres tonight!

This is Álex de la Iglesia's first film in the Vanguard program but his wild horror has been a staple over at Midnight Madness. And while there are no witches or accion mutantes, he's bringing his visual flair to his satire of a big television studio's New Year's Eve special that's headed towards fiasco. 

Iglesia is also bringing Spanish singing superstar, Raphael. And, why yes, the film does seem to have the same title as Raphael's hit song, "Mi Gran Noche." Get in the mood with Raphael's 1967 television performance of the song:

See the poster and trailer here.

MY GREAT NIGHT screening times:
Sep. 11, Friday, 7:15 pm, SCOTIABANK 2
Sep. 13, Sunday, 4:30 pm, SCOTIABANK 2
Sep. 20, Sunday, 9:00 pm, SCOTIABANK 14

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