Sunday, September 6, 2015

MY GREAT NIGHT First Look: Posters and Trailer

Get ready for some Fosse-level entertainment!

Álex de la Iglesia returns to TIFF this year with My Great Night (aka, My Big Night). Iglesia is a long time Midnight Madness alumnus, with four films having played that program since 1993. His most recent was Witching & Bitching in 2013. This year Iglesia brings his latest movie to Vanguard. And there are no witches, mutants or beasts in sight. From the description:
An audaciously inventive ensemble comedy brimming with showbiz satire, the latest from Spain's madcap maestro Álex de la a hoot. Featuring a cavalcade of Iglesia regulars, My Great Night offers an all-access backstage pass to a TV variety show so full of hitches and snags its participants will be lucky if they survive the taping.
There appears to be a big Bob Fosse-esque production number and at least one pro wrestler/pop dream-boat.

 So, you know, there could be witches, mutants and beasts. There is definitely a lovely poster.

This is a really sweet poster.

The trailer is similarly in Spanish. But even if you don't speak Spanish it's still plenty of fun. 

MY GREAT NIGHT screening times:
Sep. 11, Friday, 7:15 pm, SCOTIABANK 2
Sep. 13, Sunday, 4:30 pm, SCOTIABANK 2
Sep. 20, Sunday, 9:00 pm, SCOTIABANK 14

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