Tuesday, September 8, 2015

NO MEN BEYOND THIS POINT First Look: Poster and Trailer

Everyone, the trailer's here!

 Hey, we have the poster and trailer for Mark Sawers' No Men Beyond This Point, a faux documentary imagining a world in which women reproduce without men! Or as it's described at TIFF.net:

No Men Beyond This Point is a wry mockumentary set in a world where men have been taken out of the procreation equation. In this alternate history, the scientific community is at a loss to explain why "virgin births" have been occurring at all, let alone increasing exponentially in number since the 1950s, but they have had to admit it's part of the new natural order — and now that only girls are being born, it seems that men's days on earth are numbered. 

I assume as in Jurassic Park, there will be an explanation involving frog DNA and parthenogenesis. Or maybe there is a plague or war as happens on so many planets inhabited by Space Ladies.

Actually, I have to say after watching the trailer below, all my theories are moot. It looks like much quieter and much funnier than a film involving frog DNA or Space Ladies.

Sep. 16, Wednesday, 9:45 pm SCOTIABANK 3
Sep. 18, Friday, 9:15 am, SCOTIABANK 3
Sep. 19, Saturday, 9:30 pm, SCOTIABANK 10

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